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★ singer-songwriter, composer, instrumentalist and engineer : 
Muzen Takuma

☆ vocalist :


I recommend you use a headphone or an earphone when you listen to my music. You would see and feel “ something more beautiful ”.

Merum sal_2 by merumsal


Available in MP3 at

■ iTunes
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□ Amazon (japan)



※ I donate responsibly this full proceeds to the Red Cross on iTunes to help those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Merum sal by merumsal


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Merum sal ?

An experimental, alternative, psychedelic  band.

Created in Tokyo in 2010. Independent.

Actually this band is Muzen’s solo project.

All tracks are written, performed and mixed by Muzen Takuma.

Moora sings in some tracks.

Basically all tracks are recorded in Muzen’s studio.


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